add new site in google webmaster tool

Add new site in google webmaster tool

It is a most important step to submit a new website in Google Webmaster Tool when a site is publicly open. This website submission will help Google Search Engine to know about the website and to index it properly.

So here are the complete steps on Adding New Site to Google Webmaster tool:

  • Login to google webmaster tool with gmail id. Click here to login
  • In webmaster tool dashboard, click on “ADD A SITE” from right side.

submit new website in google webmaster tool

  • Type website address and click on Continue

Add website in google webmaster tool

  • Google will ask you to verify your website. Click on alternate methods,
  • You will get 4 options to verify your website in alternate methods

alternate method for site verification in google

  • Select HTML file upload (upload an HTML file to your website) or select HTML Tag (Add a meta tag to your home page),
  • Select the suitable method for your website and complete the steps(Google will give you some instructions),
  • When you done, click on Verify.

Website will be verified by Google and will give you a successful message.

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