JQuery Tips

A guideline to add and utilize jQuery library to WordPress and HTML Site. JQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. It is the most popular JavaScript library in use today. To load jQuery library in static website place this code before the end body tag. [wpfilebase tag=file id=39 […]

CSS with HTML Markup Language

Helpful CSS Guide to develop Wordpress Theme. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for designing the look and formatting of a document written in a markup language. To load main style.css in html website place this code before the end head tag. [wpfilebase tag=file id=13 tpl=default /] To load main style.css […]

Robots Search Engine Crawler

Robots.txt file helps Search Engine to understand what need to be indexed and not to be. Rules written to this file are publicly visible and easily access by typing http://yourdomain.com/robots.txt. So take extra cautions when you are writing rule to this file. Download this empty file and start editing if you don’t have robots.txt file. […]

WordPress Restore

Without Plugin and Database to restore WordPress manually is not very difficult. If it is not database problem, you just need to upload the backed up “wp-config.php” file and “wp-content” folder to wordpress directory in your hosting account. And then your site will be OK to run normally. To upload the backed up wp-config.php file […]

WordPress Backup

Taking your WordPress Backup regularly can save you from unexpected disaster such as site crash, attacked by hacker and bad plugins. As a basic principle, Web administrator should take wordpress backup at least once in week. To take wordpress backup you may use some helpful plugins from Wordpress Plugins Directory. But to do by yourself, […]

WordPress Database Restore

To Wordpress Database Restore Manually without Plugin from backup, follow this steps: Login to your hosting account, From control panel, open phpMyAdmin It will open phpMyAdmin window, Select all table and click on “Drop” Will give you warning message. Click on Yes, Now click on “Import” Select the database file you want to restore and […]

WordPress Database Backup

Wordpress database plays a vital role to store and display the contents of your website. Whatever articles you published to your website, everything goes to database and then release the content when users make a request to show them. By chance if your database get corrupted, wordpress have nothing to do to fix your database. […]

WordPress Permalink Setup

WordPress Permalink is a link where your posts, pages, categories and tags are link to and accessible by users and search engine spiders. Having a nice and well organized permalink is beneficial not only for visitors but also better for search engine spiders to read and index. A common mistake done by most of the […]

WordPress Manual Installation

Wordpress Manual Installation gives you more options to configure your site with better security optimization. On the other hand, Wordpress Dynamic installation left some loophole at backend for attackers to harm your website. So to be in safe side and close the backend loophole for attackers it is always a wise decision to install wordpress […]

FileZilla FTP Software

FileZilla widely used and popular file transfer protocol software for files and folders uploading. Very simple user interface of FileZilla makes it easy to use for beginner to expert users. Guys who are new to FileZilla and never used it before, here is a quick guide on how to quickly connect to server using FileZilla […]