WordPress Category or Post ID

To find Category or Post ID in Wordpress theme, follow this steps: Finding Post ID in Wordpress 1. Login to your wordpress account 2. From dashboard, navigate to Posts -> All Posts 3. Select any post and click on “Edit” 4. In web browser address bar, you will find the post id. 5. In above […]

Hide Specific Category Posts at Home page

To hide specific category posts at home page simply place this below single line code before the main loop start at home page. <?php if ( is_home() ) {query_posts( ‘cat=-1’ ); } ?> Complete loop with this above code will look like: <?php if ( is_home() ) {query_posts( ‘cat=-1’ ); } ?> <?php if ( have_posts() […]

Change read more in wordpress theme

To add read more text in wordpress theme without plugin, use this below small code in theme functions.php file. function bn_excerpt_more() { function custom_excerpt_more($more) { return ‘<span class=”continue-reading”> <a href=”‘ . get_permalink($post->ID) . ‘” rel=”nofollow”>Read more…..</a></span>’; } add_filter(‘excerpt_more’, ‘custom_excerpt_more’); } add_action(‘after_setup_theme’, ‘bn_excerpt_more’); This code is working with latest version of Wordpress.

Commonly used header code in wordpress theme

In wordpress theme, header.php file plays a vital role for theme developer. Every web developer who develop WordPress Theme they must use some common wordpress header codes in header.php file which are come from wordpress.org website. This header.php file contains all the necessity information such as document type, title, Meta tag and many more. In […]

Add favicon in wordpress theme

Favicon in Web Browsers represents a unique visual identity to website. When too many tabs are open in same browser a stylish favicon makes a clear view to identify a particular website. Although most of the new web developers don’t pay attention to this small fact but few developers who pay attention to this in […]

Custom login page in wordpress theme

To develop a Wordpress custom login page without plugin follow this steps: Part One: Create a new folder inside the active wordpress theme folder and name it “login” Create a new css file inside login folder and name it login.css Inside this login.css file add this below code and apply the css rule to fulfil […]

Helpful WordPress Theme Development tools

A list of Wordpress Theme Development kits that need a web developer to develop a new or existing wordpress theme: WebMatrix WebMatrix is free web development tools from Microsoft Corporation and helps you to install and configure more than 76 free open source software including WordPress, Joomla, PHPBB and many more in Local Computer. Wordpress […]

Within 48 hour index website in Search Engine

To get new website indexed by Google Search engine within 48 hours, we are going to utilize mass social media services. Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter social media sites are very popular and having links to them, help a new website to get indexed quickly by Google within maximum 48 hours. How to do it? […]

Submitting sitemap in Google Webmaster Tool

Submit a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool is a 2nd most important step after submitting a website in GWT. It works like an index page of a book and helps google search engine to find the path of website content including page priority, last modification date and time. By default WordPress never create sitemap.xml file […]

Add new site in google webmaster tool

It is a most important step to submit a new website in Google Webmaster Tool when a site is publicly open. This website submission will help Google Search Engine to know about the website and to index it properly. So here are the complete steps on Adding New Site to Google Webmaster tool: Login to […]