WordPress short code is a beauty of itself and have many benefits. Web Developer who works with WordPress they actually know the importance of short code. WHAT IS WORDPRESS SHORT CODE? Short code is short name of pre written long code by developers in plugin or wordpress theme functions.php file. WORDPRESS SHORT CODE EXAMPLE WordPress… Read more DISPLAY WORDPRESS SHORT CODE – WP THEME DEVELOPMENT

WordPress Restore

Without Plugin and Database to restore WordPress manually is not very difficult. If it is not database problem, you just need to upload the backed up “wp-config.php” file and “wp-content” folder to wordpress directory in your hosting account. And then your site will be OK to run normally. To upload the backed up wp-config.php file… Read more WordPress Restore

WordPress Backup

Taking your WordPress Backup regularly can save you from unexpected disaster such as site crash, attacked by hacker and bad plugins. As a basic principle, Web administrator should take wordpress backup at least once in week. To take wordpress backup you may use some helpful plugins from WordPress Plugins Directory. But to do by yourself,… Read more WordPress Backup