Fixing No Data Received Problem

I was working on my website and suddenly get an error “ No Data Received ” because didn’t send any data. I tried to check my website in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge and Safari Browsers. But received the same message “ No Data Received ” all the time.

I just took a deep breath and relax. Then follow some steps to find the out problem solution.

Fixing No Data Received Problem – Step One

Logged in to my Godaddy Hosting Account. Checked my server log file. Everything was fine. No server related problem recorded.

Fixing No Data Received Problem – Step Two

I checked my website on another computer and mobile phone. Surprisingly my website was working fine on both devices. Then I got some clue about my problem.

Fixing No Data Received Problem – Final Step : Solution

  • I clean my cookies from computer.
  • In Java Control Panel, I restore default and delete files from Temporary file settings

It worked. My website was accessible without any trouble.

Summary: Don’t be rush to blame others before you make 100% effort to solve problems from your side.

Fixing No Data Received Problem – Video

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