The WordPress Admin Bar is a floating bar that appears on every page of your site when you are logged in.It helps you to easily navigate in wordpress one option to another.

By wordpress default theme admin bar look like:

Fixing WordPress Admin Bar

By any chance if you can’t see this wordpress admin bar in your website, then here is the best possible solutions to fix it.

Fixing WordPress Admin Bar not showing up Problem

Caution: Before you make any changes, please do a backup of your theme or use WordPress Child Theme.


  1. Make sure wp_head(); has been placed before the closing </head> tag in theme,
  2. Make sure wp_footer(); has been placed before the closing </body> tag in theme.
  3. Finally add this single line of code in theme functions.php file :
    add_filter('show_admin_bar', '__return_true');

Now visit your website and will see the result immediately.