google search engine optimization

Google Search Engine Optimization

Google Search Engine, a giant and most popular engine that plays vital role to make a website successful or failure. It has the ability to send millions of traffic in a day or month to a website.

Utilizing this engine for Search Engine Optimization in a website is not very easy but not impossible. Anyone who has the ability to understand about Google Search Engine guideline can make a website successful by following their basic rules.

People who abuse google search engine for website optimization, had been punished by Google and to keep them away from future manipulating Google is working very hard and updating their search engine regularly.

From my experience,  good ways to do Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are:

  • Accurately describe the page’s content in title with words,
  • Create unique title tags for each page,
  • Use brief, but write a very informative title of your page,
  • Make a very useful use of anchor text (link) in page,
  • Search Engine Spiders can’t read images. So you must use (alt) tag for images if you used,
  • Optimize website URL. Although Google Spider is able to read all kind of web URL but it is helpful to have a nice and clean web URL.
  • Use a very good navigation link such as breadcrumbs,
  • Develop one (xml based) sitemap for search engine and another one (html based) sitemap for visitors,
  • Develop a sitemap for images,
  • Develop 404 page
  • Make 404 and Search pages to noindex and nofollow,
  • Provide unique and quality services or information,
  • Write well organized content for visitors not for search engine,
  • Make better use of robots.txt file
  • Use “rel=nofollow” in comment section for spam comments,
  • Make your website mobile friendly,

It is not the end. Google has published a very good document at their website about search engine optimization. It is much more worthy to spend time on reading this document from here.

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