WordPress 2016 Child Theme

Free Download WordPress 2016 Child Theme. A super optimized and cleaned wordpress child theme developed by BN Web Design. About WordPress Child Theme A WordPress child theme is mirror of Parent theme comes with all cool features without losing any custom works and gives you more flexibility to add your code. On the other hand, […]

Internet & Outsourcing – Event 01

BN Web Design organized a Workshop about Internet & Outsourcing at Shovandandi School & College, Patiya, Chittagong, Bangladesh to create awareness among the students for better utilisation of Internet and make their life in Technology. The main concept for this Internet & Outsourcing workshop was to tell the pupils how to take the advantages of […]

Version Removal WordPress Plugin

Lightweight and Simple Version Removal WordPress plugin will help to hide or remove wordpress recent version from dashboard and source code. Hackers target wordpress version to find out security loophole to attack. Version Removal WordPress Plugin Benefits: Very LightWeight Does not add extra bunch of CSS and JS file in header and footer, Site Performance never […]

Mail From WordPress Plugin

Mail From WordPress plugin allows to change default email address from wordpress@yourdomain.com to something@yourdomain.com. Mail from Wordpress Plugin Benefits : Custom Sender Name Custom User name and Custom Domain Name This plugin does not add extra bunch of CSS and JS files to decrease the speed of your site performance and SEO result. Download Mail From […]

Htaccess Web site Optimization

Htaccess file helps to optimize performance & security of Site and Server. With htaccess file, you can do compression, redirection and other cool stuffs. Download empty .htaccess file and if you don’t have it. [wpfilebase tag=file id=72 tpl=download-button /] Enable mod_rewrite [wpfilebase tag=file id=32 tpl=download-button /] Enable permalink in Wordpress [wpfilebase tag=file id=31 tpl=download-button /] Enable Multisite in […]