Webmatrix wordpress installation in local computer

Microsoft free web development tools WebMatrix comes with all in one package including top languages like jQuery, PHP, HTML5 and popular database system called MySQL.

Besides this you can easily install popular CMS software such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla in your local computer and upload them to public server when it’s ready through WebMatrix.

In this article, I am going to show you on how to do WordPress Installation in local computer through WebMatrix.

Note: If you haven’t install WebMatrix in your computer yet, please download and install it first from Microsoft Website

WebMatrix – WordPress Installation:

1. Start the WebMatrix Program

2. In WebMatrix file menu, go to File > New > Site from Application Gallery

3. New Window will open. Select WordPress, Type site name and click on Next.

4. Click on Next,

5. WebMatrix will ask you to accept the license. Click on I Accept.

6. WebMatrix will start to download WordPress from online.

7. In Application parameters WebMatrix will ask you for Salt Keys. Leave all fields default and click on Next,

8. Now WebMatrix will start to install wordpress,

9. When it done, you will get a message saying “Install Completed Successfully”. Click on OK,

10. Computer will open a new browser to configure your site for the first time. Submit the required information in proper fields and click on Install WordPress.

11. Done! You will receive another message from WordPress saying “Success!”.

12. Now your computer is completely ready to use WordPress locally.

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