wordpress database backup without plugin

WordPress Database Backup

WordPress database plays a vital role to store and display the contents of your website. Whatever articles you published to your website, everything goes to database and then release the content when users make a request to show them.

By chance if your database get corrupted, wordpress have nothing to do to fix your database. Because wordpress is only a software and it can only request to database to display contents of your site.So to be in safe side, it is a wise decision to keep your database backup at least twice in a week in safe place for future help.

To take database backup you can use some useful plugins from wordpress directory. But to make your hand nasty, in this article I am going to show on how to take WordPress Database backup without Plugin.

  1. Login to your hosting account,
  2. From control panel, open phpMyAdmin
    wordpress database backup
  3. It will open phpMyAdmin window,
    wordpress database backup
  4. Click on Export
  5. From Export, select all database table, file type SQL, Save as Zipped and click on GO,
    wordpress database backup
  6. Your Database downloading will start within minute.Keep this file in safe place so that you can use in future to troubleshoot wordpress problems.

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