WordPress MU Plugin Development

WordPress MU Plugin Development

MU Plugin is time saving plugin for wordpress users who have custom post type, taxonomies and other cool stuffs. This plugin is very useful and gives more flexibility to switch theme without losing any custom works.

MU Plugin stands for Must Use Plugin and developing this plugin is as usual normal wordpress plugin. It has no activate and deactivate options. So whenever you develop and upload this mu plugin to wordpress it will auto activate.

WordPress MU Plugin Development

  1. Create a new folder name with mu-plugins inside wp-content folder
  2. Create a new php file and name it like my-custom-functions.php or anything whatever you want.
  3. Add this below code to create plugin and save it.
     * Plugin Name: My Custom Functions
     * Plugin URI: http://yoursite.com
     * Description: This is an awesome custom plugin & time saving.
     * Author: Your Name
     * Author URI: http://yoursite.com
     * Version: 1.0
     // Write your own custom functions below this line
  4. Visit WordPress Dashboard Account > Plugins
  5. A new options will add name with Must-Use.
  6. You can add your custom functions newly created MU Plugin.

WordPress MU Plugin Development Video

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