restore wordpress manually

WordPress Restore

Without Plugin and Database to restore WordPress manually is not very difficult. If it is not database problem, you just need to upload the backed up “wp-config.php” file and “wp-content” folder to wordpress directory in your hosting account. And then your site will be OK to run normally.

To upload the backed up wp-config.php file and wp-content folder for restoring wordpress manually, you may use hosting file manager service.

OR on the other hand to use FileZilla (File Transfer Protocol) to upload wp-config.php file and wp-content folder follow this:

  1. Login to your account,
  2. Select wp-config.php file and wp-content folder from previously backed up location,
  3. Click on Right mouse and select upload
    Restore WordPress manually without Plugin
  4. File and folder will start to upload immediately,
  5. When it done visit your site, everything will run smoothly.

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