Within 48 hour index website in Search Engine

To get new website indexed by Google Search engine within 48 hours, we are going to utilize mass social media services. Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter social media sites are very popular and having links to them, help a new website to get indexed quickly by Google within maximum 48 hours. How to do it? […]

Submitting sitemap in Google Webmaster Tool

Submit a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool is a 2nd most important step after submitting a website in GWT. It works like an index page of a book and helps google search engine to find the path of website content including page priority, last modification date and time. By default WordPress never create sitemap.xml file […]

Add new site in google webmaster tool

It is a most important step to submit a new website in Google Webmaster Tool when a site is publicly open. This website submission will help Google Search Engine to know about the website and to index it properly. So here are the complete steps on Adding New Site to Google Webmaster tool: Login to […]

Google Search Engine Optimization

Google Search Engine, a giant and most popular engine that plays vital role to make a website successful or failure. It has the ability to send millions of traffic in a day or month to a website. Utilizing this engine for Search Engine Optimization in a website is not very easy but not impossible. Anyone […]