WordPress short code is a beauty of itself and have many benefits. Web Developer who works with WordPress they actually know the importance of short code. WHAT IS WORDPRESS SHORT CODE? Short code is short name of pre written long code by developers in plugin or wordpress theme functions.php file. WORDPRESS SHORT CODE EXAMPLE WordPress […]

Online Favicon Maker

Favicon is small icon displays in web browsers. It helps to create branding of website. If you visit popular websites such as Facebook, Google & Microsoft, web browsers will show you a small icon in tabs. Online Favicon maker Making a Favicon for Website is not a tough job. It’s very easy and simple. Web […]

Enqueue Google Font in WordPress

As a New Theme Developer or learner it is a smart decision to use child theme to enqueue google font in WordPress. Using child theme is safe and recover in case of accidental damage while developing a WordPress site. #1 Enqueue Google Font through functions.php file: Step: Visit google.com, select your google font and copy […]

WordPress 4.6 Beta 4

WordPress 4.6 Beta 4 is now available! This software is still in development, so wordpress community don’t recommend you run it on a production site. Consider setting up a test site just to play with the new version. To test WordPress 4.6, try the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (you’ll want “bleeding edge nightlies”). Or you […]

Fixing No Data Received Problem

I was working on my website and suddenly get an error “ No Data Received ” because www.bnwebdesign.com didn’t send any data. I tried to check my website in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge and Safari Browsers. But received the same message “ No Data Received ” all the time. I just took a […]

How to Add Font Awesome text icon

Font Awesome is Light Weight Unicode based text icon. Its super-fast loading speed doesn’t harm site SEO result and as vector shape text icon, you can change outlook of any icon using css Rules. To add or enqueue font awesome text icon, here are some great steps to follow. Add Font Awesome Text Icon – LOCAL or CDN You […]

WP Loginout Link Menu

Before you proceed to add WP loginout link in WP Menu, I will recommend you for using Wordpress Child Theme.  If you are new to wordpress and learning Wordpress tweaking then WP child theme is best for you to avoid disaster. Add WP loginout link in WP Menu Open wordpress child theme functions.php file Copy […]

Add Google Analytics

No need to mention the importance of Google Analytics at this present competitive world. Google Analytics not only give you the statistics report of your website but also help you to grow your audience and revenue. So if you have a website then you must Add Google Analytics. Go to Google and register your website […]

WordPress Restore

Without Plugin and Database to restore WordPress manually is not very difficult. If it is not database problem, you just need to upload the backed up “wp-config.php” file and “wp-content” folder to wordpress directory in your hosting account. And then your site will be OK to run normally. To upload the backed up wp-config.php file […]

WordPress Backup

Taking your WordPress Backup regularly can save you from unexpected disaster such as site crash, attacked by hacker and bad plugins. As a basic principle, Web administrator should take wordpress backup at least once in week. To take wordpress backup you may use some helpful plugins from Wordpress Plugins Directory. But to do by yourself, […]

WordPress Database Restore

To Wordpress Database Restore Manually without Plugin from backup, follow this steps: Login to your hosting account, From control panel, open phpMyAdmin It will open phpMyAdmin window, Select all table and click on “Drop” Will give you warning message. Click on Yes, Now click on “Import” Select the database file you want to restore and […]

WordPress Database Backup

Wordpress database plays a vital role to store and display the contents of your website. Whatever articles you published to your website, everything goes to database and then release the content when users make a request to show them. By chance if your database get corrupted, wordpress have nothing to do to fix your database. […]

WordPress Permalink Setup

WordPress Permalink is a link where your posts, pages, categories and tags are link to and accessible by users and search engine spiders. Having a nice and well organized permalink is beneficial not only for visitors but also better for search engine spiders to read and index. A common mistake done by most of the […]