WordPress Installation on MacBook with MAMP Software

WordPress Installation on MacBook with MAMP

WordPress Installation on MacBook with MAMP Software is very easy. You just need Apache, MySQL, WordPress core files and folders on MacBook computer to install wordpress. Apache and MySQL services come with MAMP as a bundle so you don’t need to install them one by one.

If you didn’t install MAMP on your MacBook Computer yet, I will suggest to check my previous video on MAMP Installation on MacBook – Video 01 (Bangla) and continue this article.

Step 1: Download WordPress on MacBook

  • To download wordpress please visit wordpress.org/download and download latest version of wordpress
  • Extract or Unzip downloaded wordpress.zip file
  • Copy wordpress files and folders from wordpress folder
  • Go to Mamp > htdocs folder
  • Create a new folder and name it wp
  • Paste copied wordpress files and folders inside wp folder

Step 2: Run MAMP Software on MacBook

  • From MacBook open MAMP from Launchpad
  • Click on Start Servers at MAMP Screen to start Apache and MySQL services

Step 3: Create MySQL Database at MAMP

  • Visit localhost:8888/phpmyadmin from web address bar
  • Click on Databases and create a New Database
  • You may use MAMP default user and password “root” or create a new user for newly created database.

Step 4: WordPress Installation on MacBook with MAMP

  • At web browser type localhost:8888/wp (wp is wordpress directory folder inside Mamp htdocs folder)
  • WordPress Installation screen will open
  • Select your web language such as English, Bangla, French and click on continue
  • In next Screen wordpress will ask you for:
    • Database Name
    • Database username
    • Database password
    • Database Host
    • Table Prefix
  • Type required information and click on Submit
  • WordPress Installation process will start within minute and it will take couple of minute to finish.
  • When it done, you will see a wordpress successful installation message
  • Then you are ready to go to login and tweak wordpress theme, plugins and settings

If you find difficulties to follow above steps to do WordPress Installation on MacBook with MAMP Software then please watch this below video on how to do?

WordPress Installation on MacBook with MAMP Software

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