Magento to WooCommerce Migration


Magento to WooCommerce Migration within 72 hours. We will migrate Magento to woo-commerce as like as super-fast cars in 3 easy simple steps.


Magento to WooCommerce Migration service

  • Migrates the products
  • Migrates the product categories
  • Migrates the CMS articles
  • Migrates the medias (images, PDF,…)
  • Migrates the external medias
  • Migrates the product attributes
  • Migrates the product options
  • Migrates the product variations
  • Migrates the grouped products
  • Migrates the virtual products
  • Migrates the downloadable products
  • Migrates the Up Sell, Cross Sell and related products
  • Migrates the admin users
  • Migrates the customers
  • Migrates the orders
  • Migrates the users and customers passwords
  • Migrates the ratings and reviews
  • Migrates the discount coupons
  • Migrates the tax classes
  • Migrate only the customers or the orders
  • SEO: redirects the Magento URLs
  • SEO: migrates the meta description and meta title
  • Multistores
  • Updates the stocks and orders

Additional Requirements

  • Magento Login Details
  • Magento cPanel Access
  • Magento files and Database Backup

Requirements are:

  1. WordPress login details with Admin Privilege
  2. cPanel or FTP login details if we need to edit or fix wordpress files and Database
  3. Clear details about Project.
  4. Please make sure 2 steps verification is off while we working on your Project.
  5. Associate Mail ID and Password while working with Search Engine Webmaster tools